Training & Speakers

The Center for Chinese Church Studies (CCCS) has a network of presenters that would welcome the opportunity to speak to your group. Take a look at our catalog of video resources to get a flavor of the types of teaching we have conducted.

CCCS speakers provide single session or multi-session training of small group Bible study leaders. Since many of our presenters have backgrounds in medicine and science, apologetics themed talks can be organized. With our commitment to knowing God through the Scriptures, Biblical exposition sermons, retreat talks, or affinity group discussions are also possible. We are here to be of service!

If interested in a organizing a presentation, please contact us at and we will provide a prompt reply to discuss the needs of your group and how we can best partner with you. In addition to in-person training and speaking, we have the ability to conduct webinar style presentations for distance learning and multi-site events.

Let us know and let’s see if something could be worked out!