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Top Ten List for Small Group Bible Study Leaders


In a previous post, we linked to Prof. Ben Witherington’s top ten list for preachers.

How about a top ten list for small group Bible study leaders?

For your consideration …

10. Pray that the Spirit will give you a humble heart and a thoughtful mind as you prepare and lead.

9. Observe what is in the text by reading the text … carefully.

8. Thou shalt do a textual analysis of the passage.

7. Interpret the Biblical material in light of its context.

6. Read the Bible passage again.

5. Prepare questions for the group that need more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

4. Don’t jump to the application right away.

3. Use the tools of group dynamics to keep the group on track.

2. Did we say you should read the Bible passage again yet?

1. Stick to the text and pray that the Spirit speaks to the group through the text.


How to prepare a small group Bible study – OBSERVATION

One of the key steps in studying the Scriptures is observation. Check out this video to get some practical advice on how to go about it.


Small Group Bible Study Demonstration

How might a study look like using the steps described in our video training? Here you go. You can do it too!

Mandarin and Cantonese Bible Study Video Resources!

Have been posting up, one-by-one, links to some of our video resources on How to Prepare a Small Group Bible Study. Check out the tab up at the top that says Video Resources. In that tab are links to Mandarin and Cantonese versions of many of the presentations. Let us know what you think of the material and what we can do to be of greater service and benefit to you all!


Group Dynamics for your Small Group Bible Study

In the sharing of the Scriptures, there are many forms. As you have seen, we have been following Ben Witherington‘s posts about preaching, the most familiar and time-honored way the Bible is taught.

However, many people participate in small group Bible studies too. What are some practical things that a group leader can do to help it be a more positive growing experience for all the participants?

This video here provides some helpful tips and perspectives!


What is Inductive Bible Study?

You have been asked to lead a small group Bible study. You got your Bible open to the passage for study. What next?

In this video, Dr. Yen gives an overview of how to go about studying the Scriptures.