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Part VI – Witherington on Preaching

Part VI – Witherington on Preaching


Preaching instead should be Scripture based, text based, not needs based. The preacher is not called to be a pop psychologist serving up chicken soup for the soul, pablum for the masses. He is not called to be a sensitivity group leader. He is called to break the bread of life for a starving people, open the Word of God for the unenlightened, share the living water in a dry and weary land. Only the real thing will feed their real need, and slake their real thirst.

Though preachers have a huge responsibility to be faithful to the Lord in expounding the Scriptures, small group leaders are NOT given a pass on sticking to the text!

As Bible study group leaders, though we want to encourage personal sharing among the members, we too, like a preacher, have as the primary task to help the group understand the meaning of the text.


How to prepare a small group Bible study – OBSERVATION

One of the key steps in studying the Scriptures is observation. Check out this video to get some practical advice on how to go about it.

Mandarin and Cantonese Bible Study Video Resources!

Have been posting up, one-by-one, links to some of our video resources on How to Prepare a Small Group Bible Study. Check out the tab up at the top that says Video Resources. In that tab are links to Mandarin and Cantonese versions of many of the presentations. Let us know what you think of the material and what we can do to be of greater service and benefit to you all!


Group Dynamics for your Small Group Bible Study

In the sharing of the Scriptures, there are many forms. As you have seen, we have been following Ben Witherington‘s posts about preaching, the most familiar and time-honored way the Bible is taught.

However, many people participate in small group Bible studies too. What are some practical things that a group leader can do to help it be a more positive growing experience for all the participants?

This video here provides some helpful tips and perspectives!