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Part VI – Witherington on Preaching

Part VI – Witherington on Preaching


Preaching instead should be Scripture based, text based, not needs based. The preacher is not called to be a pop psychologist serving up chicken soup for the soul, pablum for the masses. He is not called to be a sensitivity group leader. He is called to break the bread of life for a starving people, open the Word of God for the unenlightened, share the living water in a dry and weary land. Only the real thing will feed their real need, and slake their real thirst.

Though preachers have a huge responsibility to be faithful to the Lord in expounding the Scriptures, small group leaders are NOT given a pass on sticking to the text!

As Bible study group leaders, though we want to encourage personal sharing among the members, we too, like a preacher, have as the primary task to help the group understand the meaning of the text.