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Asian-Americans and Pew Research and Internet Usage


Is there much data on Asian-American usage of the internet?
Came across this item in the HuffPo. Excerpt:

Pew says it is too time-consuming and costly to include Asians as a separate category in their studies. This is a hollow excuse for a behemoth and respected organization. The willful omission of Asian-Americans from serious studies like this is damaging.

In fairness, to Pew, here is their response to the issue. Excerpt:

To use a specific recent example, our November 2012 national tracking survey contained 54 individuals who identified themselves as Asian or Pacific Islander out of a total of 2,261 respondents. The margin of error for a group of that size is a whopping +/-15.5 percentage points, which is far too large for us to have confidence in the accuracy of our findings. Moreover, none of the 54 respondents include non-English-speakers, meaning that our findings would not be representative of the broader Asian-American population as a whole.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Here is another article that addresses the question of social media usage among ethnic minority groups in the USA. The author highlights studies that show as a percentage within their respective ethnic minority groups usage is higher than among the white group.

Certainly, something marketeers will be chewing over.

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