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From the Global Times: “Estranged Brethren”

An informative window into the situation of the churches in China.

Chinese Church Voices

IMG_2351editOn October 10, 2013, the Global Times, one of China’s English language daily newspapers published an article titled “Estranged Brethren,” about the division between the official Three-Self church and the House Church movement. Articles about religion in general, and Christianity in particular, are far and few between in the Chinese media, and articles that reference the house churches are even more rare. This article is particularly noteworthy for it’s discussion of the background of the division, it’s discussion of the Shouwang Church in Beijing, it’s relatively sympathetic treatment of the house church position, and references to calls for changes in China’s religious policies.

It also includes an interview with Fu Xianwai, Chairman of the national Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) regarding the government’s religious policies and his attitude towards the house church movement.

Estranged Brethren, by Liu Dong

They are all brothers and sisters, but some believe God would rather…

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