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Disciple: What is in a word?

Great reflection on the meaning of discipleship!


I’ve posted about some words (and types of words) that I avoid, today I’d like to talk about a word that I do not avoid, the word “disciple.”  It is a term from the Bible, one that is not all that familiar to many people, a sort of “Christian-ese” word of the sort that I might avoid for the sake of clarity… but not this time.  Why?cisuyvbl (2)

Because it is just the right word.

Yes, I usually need to define it for people who aren’t used to it, but that is an opportunity, so it’s well worth the effort.  I usually use a very simple and brief definition, one that reduces the word down to a very easy level to comprehend:  A disciple is one who knows what the Master knows, and who does what the Master does.  You see?  “Disciple” is just the right word to describe what…

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