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Invitation to the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference

For your consideration, the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference. Its a great opportunity to reflect on Christ, be encouraged by sharing with fellow followers of Jesus and learn from great speakers and times of examining the Scriptures!


What if the rich, young ruler had been Chinese…?

Interesting? What do you think?


chineserichyoungrulerWestern Christians make a big deal of the rich young ruler story (Matt. 19:16–29; Mark 10:17-30; Luke 18:18–30). The account has become the quintessential expression of a legalist trying to earn his salvation. Is this interpretation correct or is it just a caricature of the rich man?
Our understanding of the story matters significantly because it shapes the way many people perceive a sinner’s problem and thus do evangelism. To explore this question further, let us consider what we would see if we read the text with a Chinese lens.

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Sign up for the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference

The West Coast Chinese Christian Conference is just around the corner! Check out the web page for more information and if you are intrigued, go ahead and register!

Small group Bible study is a part of the Conference. To explore the theme of The Surpassing Worth of Knowing Christ (Phil 3:8) there will be three passages, one each morning: Philippians 3:1b-14, 2 Peter 1:3-21, and 2 Corinthians 5:11-21.

Disciple: What is in a word?

Great reflection on the meaning of discipleship!


I’ve posted about some words (and types of words) that I avoid, today I’d like to talk about a word that I do not avoid, the word “disciple.”  It is a term from the Bible, one that is not all that familiar to many people, a sort of “Christian-ese” word of the sort that I might avoid for the sake of clarity… but not this time.  Why?cisuyvbl (2)

Because it is just the right word.

Yes, I usually need to define it for people who aren’t used to it, but that is an opportunity, so it’s well worth the effort.  I usually use a very simple and brief definition, one that reduces the word down to a very easy level to comprehend:  A disciple is one who knows what the Master knows, and who does what the Master does.  You see?  “Disciple” is just the right word to describe what…

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