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Bible Project: Heaven & Earth

Just recently heard about a team of animators working with theologians to share about the teachings of the Bible.

In the video below, they discuss what is heaven and what is earth.

What do you think?

The Bible Project has many more videos some to explain important ideas in the Bible and in others exploring specific portions of the Bible.


Prophecy is not for curiosity but for spirituality

Prophecy is not for curiosity, but for spirituality

To learn more, go to this video at

Is reading the Bible “chronological” worthwhile?

Have you tried it? What do you think?

Greg Koukl offered his thoughts on that in this video below:

Was Jesus married?

During Christmas and Easter, various items that are provocative about Jesus and Christianity often comes up in the popular media. One controversial idea is that Jesus was married. In the video below, Bible scholar Ben Witherington addresses that proposition.

Science and Faith

In this informative video, Dr. Yen discusses the relationship of science and faith. In Cantonese, this presentation was recorded at Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church on
May 5, 2013.

GENESIS 1 and 2

In this thoughtful presentation, Dr. Yen dives into Genesis 1 and 2. This was recorded at the Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church on May 5, 2013 and is in Cantonese.


This thought provoking video was recorded at the Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church on May 4, 2013. It is in Cantonese.

Drawing upon Dr. Yen’s scientific, medical, and faith background, he explores the three miracles.