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Keller – Centrality of the Gospel

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York is embarking on an effort to reach out to New York city. To start it off, there is a series of sermons to lay down the Biblical basis for the effort. The values highlighted in these messages are applicable to people and churches outside of New York. Sermons in this series can be found at this page.


Acts29 and Radically Diverse Churches

What do you think? Is ethnic diversity to be sought in the local church? Don’t have any answers but the question is worth pondering.

Here is an excerpt from this article: “The microcosm is not in every assembly of the Church, for naturally men will meet with men, and women with women, and others with those who are in certain ways like themselves. In such homosociality there is nothing unseemly. More than in this temple or that, however, the local church is the visible expression of the Church in a place, the Church visible in every part of the commonwealth. And it is in the space of the commonwealth that the Church shows forth the gospel’s catholicity – for it is indeed a call to everyone – and the righteousness of God in every part of life.”

Cogito, Credo, Petam

Manosphere blogger Dalrock criticizes Matt Chandler’s vision for the Acts29 Network. Three of the values named – planting churches that plant churches, being known for holiness and humility, and earnestly proclaiming the gospel and seeking conversion – are good and godly, for which God bless Acts29. But Mr Chandler’s third hope for Acts 29 is ‘that we might boldly and unapologetically become a radically diverse crowd over the next few years’. In pursuing this agendum, especially with the commitments they have implied, I think Acts29 and the Gospel Coalition are not wise. May the Lord enlighten us.

The Church itself is meant to be diverse, for the Lord intends – and will surely accomplish! – that it encompass all nations. And indeed the biblical vision of ethnic and racial harmony is that, in Christ, there should be intercourse among the nations, that all these parts of the Church catholic should…

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