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Prof. Ben Witherington and The Historical Jesus

In a wide ranging talk, Prof. Ben Witherington discusses the portrait of Jesus that the Bible paints. He does so with an eye toward our Christian faith but also in light of the methods of historical inquiry. Thus, he spends part of the time dismantling the confusion about Jesus caused by the best selling novel The DaVinci Code.


Trying to Describe Christ: One Person

Talbot Seminary Biola University Professor Fred Sanders discusses that Christ is One Person with Two Natures.


What do you think?

It certainly isn’t easy to get our minds around it but this seems to be the best description of what the Scriptures tell us.

Trying to describe Christ: Two Natures

With the Christmas season upon us, ever consider how we attempt to “describe” Jesus? In the video below, Biola University Talbot Seminary Professor Fred Sanders gives a talk about the Two Natures of Christ.

What do you think of the boundaries of Chalcedon as a way of guiding our thinking of Christ?