A Richness of History and Culture Along the Silk Road

Encounters of Faith in Asia: Past, Present and Future

Xinjiang is a region in NW China and home to 47 different nationalities, with 13 of them being closely affiliated in language and culture. The largest group are the Uyghurs who follow the Muslim faith.

Many may not know that by the 13th century perhaps 40 percent or more of the Uyghurs were following the Christian faith. The Patriarch of the whole Church of the East was even a Uyghur!

On a recent trip to Xinjiang I saw the richness of culture and history, and remembered its important role on the Silk Road trading routes across Asia to Europe. This area has had a very difficult history including to the present day.

But remembering the history of the Church there, and that at one time there were so many Christians, brings the prayer to us, “Lord, please do it again.”

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