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A Richness of History and Culture Along the Silk Road

Encounters of Faith in Asia: Past, Present and Future

Xinjiang is a region in NW China and home to 47 different nationalities, with 13 of them being closely affiliated in language and culture. The largest group are the Uyghurs who follow the Muslim faith.

Many may not know that by the 13th century perhaps 40 percent or more of the Uyghurs were following the Christian faith. The Patriarch of the whole Church of the East was even a Uyghur!

On a recent trip to Xinjiang I saw the richness of culture and history, and remembered its important role on the Silk Road trading routes across Asia to Europe. This area has had a very difficult history including to the present day.

But remembering the history of the Church there, and that at one time there were so many Christians, brings the prayer to us, “Lord, please do it again.”

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An example of a small group Bible study discussion

With all the posts on how to prepare a Bible study, you might wonder how it actually unfolds in a small group setting?

Here is a video where you see many of the methods put into action.

You can do it too!

Keller – Centrality of the Gospel

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York is embarking on an effort to reach out to New York city. To start it off, there is a series of sermons to lay down the Biblical basis for the effort. The values highlighted in these messages are applicable to people and churches outside of New York. Sermons in this series can be found at this page.

Seen around the Web – Easter Sermon by Ortberg

Jesus On Location | Resurrection | John Ortberg from Menlo.Church on Vimeo.

John Ortberg of Menlo Park Church gives this talk about the Resurrection of Jesus on location in Jerusalem!

What is Group Dynamics?

There is a time and place for lectures and preaching and there are great resources for that type of teaching.

But you find yourself leading a small group. How do you go about engaging the group in a discussion? What are some practical things that you as a group leader can do to help it be a more positive growing experience for all the participants?

This video here provides some helpful tips and perspectives!

Seen around the Web – Easter Sermon by Keller

Came across this sermon by Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York. Really appreciate how he helps us get into the mind-set of the people who experienced the resurrection and the amazing gentleness of Jesus!

Old Testament from 35000 Feet–6 Major Geographical Moves of OT (Part B)

The Old Testament tells the story of people who lived in a particular time and place. To get a grip on the OT narrative, it is important to get a sense of the broad outlines of the events, places, and people.

The 4th geographical move was from Egypt to Israel. The 5th was Israel to Babylon. And the 6th was

Be sure to check out this resource and be open to what God may reveal to you about Himself and your situation.