A World Beyond Trump: Hidden in Plain Sight for 1400 Years, Part 2

Interesting stuff, part II of a post about evidence of Christianity in ancient China. Excerpt: “According to this man, the finding of the Stele nearby was only one of several evidences for why it was a Christian site from the 7th century and not of more recent origin or from another faith. Though crosses have not been found inside the Pagoda on any of its several floors, there are inscriptions in Syriac language inside, the language of liturgy for the Church of the East in Asia. (An inscription with a cross on it had been dug up in the 1920’s nearby, but was stolen during the Japanese occupation and has disappeared.)”

Check out both parts.

Encounters of Faith in Asia: Past, Present and Future

What does the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and 7th century Chinese Christianity have in common? Not much. Except the fact that there is a world beyond Trump, beyond the bombastic rhetoric and the chasms of fear and racism some of his comments have opened.

For many people living in the USA (Republicans included), Trump being the front-runner at this stage is nothing short of a disaster. For many people outside the country, his candidacy and remarks only confirms some of their worst fears about the United States. I am a political independent, and don’t know whether to be more astounded at some of the things he says, or the fact that he is still has so much support with the primaries about to begin.

But there is a world beyond Donald Trump. And beyond the political discourse and future of the United States. As there was in…

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