The Bible Study Series – an example

One common situation for a small group Bible study coordinator is to organize a series of studies to highlight a theme.

For instance, at the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference, a theme is selected by its leadership team and then three Bible passages are selected to examine that theme in small group studies each day participants are at the  Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center.

Thus, to prepare the group leaders, various modes of training were provided. Some text based materials were prepared and emailed to them. Live, in person, interactive training was provided. And, as a last bit to help them along, these short videos were produced.

Overview & Introduction
Day 1 – 1 Peter 2:4-25
Day 2- 1 Corinthians 6:1-20
Day 3 – Colossians 3:1-17

Below is episode one containing some overview thoughts to Bible study preparation as a general discipline and a quick summary of the Bible study series for the theme of “Be Holy Because God is Holy.”


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