Thematic Bible Conference – Who is speaking?


You will!

Two of the sessions are small group Bible study where everyone is encouraged to participate as a group leader guides the study.

Richard Yen

A long time popular West Coast Chinese Christian Conference (WCCCC) workshop speaker will give two talks at this year’s Thematic Bible Conference (TBC). Be sure to check out the video resources which present some of his best materials on how to study the Scriptures.

Rene Chun

An alumni of the WCCCC will be giving the summary and applications talk this year, a role he served in last year’s TBC.

1000 – 1010
1010 – 1100
 presentation #1
R. Yen, Discerning the intention of the author
1100 – 1110
 coffee break
1110 – 1200
 Bible study session #1
Selected passages from John 1-6
12:00 – 100
100 – 150
 presentation #2
R. Yen, Using an analytical concordance to discover new insights
150 – 240 
Bible Study session #2
Selected passages from John 7-12
240 – 250
 coffee break
250 – 340
 presentation #3
R. Chun, John 1-12, Overview and applications
340 – 400
 Prayers for the churches and announcement of upcoming events

We want to know God better through the Scriptures and allow the Spirit to transform our lives. And to know the Scriptures more fully and accurately, we often have to look at a larger context than just one verse or even one chapter – we need to think THEMATICALLY. At this year’s conference, we will explore the Gospel of John, the words and works of Jesus as recorded in Ch. 1-12 through special topic presentations and small group Bible studies.

Contact for more information.

To register for this event go here.



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